Star Trek Chuck NorrisEdit

  • Last time Chuck Norris sneezed, the Voyager got sent to the Delta Quadrant.
  • Chuck Norris was the first to make first contact with the Anteedians. When they first saw him, their eyes widened, their mouths puckered, their skin turned grey, and they went nuts and jumped in a lake. The Anteedians evolved to their new environment, and that explains their present-day appearance and their tendancy to do stupid things like blow up a peace conference.
  • Lwaxana can't read Chuck Norris's mind.
  • Q once appeared before Chuck. He roundhouse kicked Q so hard he appeared naked on the bridge of the Enterprise.
  • Dr. Soong's androids saw Chuck Norris before they were finished. One lost the ability to feel emotions, and the other turned evil.
  • Chuck Norris created the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant... with his bare hands.
  • Chuck Norris gave the Vidians the Phage.
  • Chuck Norris farted and made the Iconians extinct.
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