Chuck Norris once beat a man so hard that he died. (They were playing a game of chess)

Some great chess players beleive they may be able to beat Chuck Norris in a challenge of wits with their most studied and experienced tactical game of strategy. The outcomes of these attempts is always to their disadvantage, and usualy hilarious and humilliating. The following are actual accounts of talented people going head to head with Chuck Norris in chess.

  • Chuck Norris once took out five knights with a pawn in one move; only two of those knights were chess pieces. The others were real.
  • Chuck Norris successfully moved all his pawns to the opposite end without loosing a single peace, this stratigy wasn't to obtain more queenes, but rather just for intimidation tactics.
  • Chuck Norris can win while in check-mate.
  • Chuck won a game with only his king.
  • He even won one without a king.
  • When Chuck Norris takes one of your pieces, you don't get it back, EVER!
  • Chuck technicaly doesn't "take" pieces, he terminates them.
  • Chuck Norris killed a king with his pawn once; but that time he wasn't actualy playing a game of chess.
  • If Chuck Norris wants more pieces for whatever reason, he simply has sex with the queen.